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Quest for the quiz master

Group Founder: bboydv8
Description: I bboydv8 am the quiz master. If ne1 can be the first to answer my question correctly i will post a reply declaring whomeva the new qm. It will then be ur responsibility to post a new question which must be answerd. Hence forth and hence forth
Group Type: Public join
Members: 57
Category: Fun > Quiz

Topics (6)

go country. (2) nep
which one ws da first nation to be excluded from da U.N membership?

go A-Z! (2) rashrash
In not more than nine (9) words, form a complete sentence in english language using all the 26 alphabets..

go Einstein? (2) wet18
What does E=MC2 actually mean?

go 3rd question: (1) bboydv8
Name two common restriction enzymes used by university students in research?

go 2nd question (6) bboydv8
answer this:

go The 1st question (17) bboydv8
What is the collective name for the muscles SUPRASPINATUS, INFRASPINATUS, TERES MINOR, SUBSCAPULARIS?